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Yes! It’s true: Smidge Manly, host of the hit TV show “Essex Highway”, will shortly return to our screens in an exciting new documentary, Railways with Smidge Manly.

In this new programme of as-yet unknown length, Smidge goes on a personal journey to discover the answers to questions he’s had since he was a child; questions like: what are railways? Who put them there? How do trains work? And can they feel love?

Here’s a sneaky peeky trailer.

(You can’t watch the Sneaky Peeky trailer any more because the sound was a bit rubbish and the actual film is now online. Why don’t you go watch the film instead?)

25 comments on “Sneaky peeky

  • I always knew there was more mileage in Smidge and this just proves that point. I look forward to this like a pungent teen looks forward to sitting with his friends in the rain.

    I also love the Jem promo that followed too. I’m a fool for 80’s nostalgia.

  • Thank you, and I will, just as soon as a release date is confirmed for the finished product…

    *sits and waits*

  • We shall not, we shall not be moved! We shall not, we shall not be moved!

    (in yo face)

  • Thank you Kevin. You may return to greasing your florets and lightly wetting your floorboards.

  • I’ve basically finished this now but I’m waiting for Kev to make an HD version of the Pouring Beans Productions logo for the end. I told him there’s no hurry though so I’d better not drop thinly veiled hints on a shared blog suggesting that I’d like to get my hands on it and export the final movie sooner rather than later. He might get annoyed when he’s very busy welding his bannisters.

  • I thought you might, and you know that no amount of subtle reminders will force him to drop his chamois leathers and rustle up the aforementioned technological marvel.

  • I’m sorry? You did something immediately after being told it was outstanding and needed to be done? First the book, now this. I’m beginning to wonder if Kevin has hired something to fill in for him or… cloning?

  • I’ve decided to outsource my personal life to a Chinese Consortium. They were very reasonably priced.

  • That’s the most sensible thing you’ve ever done.

    I considered outsourcing mine to a Spanish Consortium called ‘Juan Way or Another’ but they were too expensive for my poor Newcastle pounds.

  • Kevil and Smidge have delivered some constructive feedback (and a fair amount of outright abuse). I will be addressing their concerns and producing a final edit, and then this bad boy will be totally, massively online.

  • Why do you think it is that Ian and me are clearly standing and looking right, and you are smugly sat down, looking left, with a flute?

  • He thinks left is better than right. He always has to be doing something different to everyone else, doesn’t he?

  • Is it because I’m smart enough to have brought a chair and something to drink instead of gormlessly standing around?

  • You wish you had less gorm. You’re brimming with it. Take it to the streets, sir. London wants your gorm.

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