6 comments on “Big Frank’s World Domination at the movies

  • That, or he’s only recently become the producer. Maybe the guy who originally did it has retired, or been disgraced in some way, and Big Frank stepped in. My dad’s pretty helpful like that.

  • Yep. And then he’d step right in to become the producer of the 40-year-old movie that already exists, putting his own unique stamp on it.

    I expect that’s why, if you watch “Raiders of the Lost Ark” now, you’ll see it has several scenes that feature log burners quite prominently. That’s Big Frank’s doing.

  • Wow. It all makes sense now.

    That bit where Indy is in the desert and it’s night and cold and he warms up by sitting closer to the log burner. That other bit where Indy is climbing along the side of the truck and has to push a log burner out the way before he can swing into the drivers cab. Amazing.

  • Exactly. You’ll also notice the lengthy new sequence where he goes to Sainsbury’s twice in one day because he forgot to get something he needed the first time round. Classic Big Frank.

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