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Kate has been very much getting into gardening lately, and in particular, growing vegetables. Our back garden is on its way to becoming a vegetable garden. Last year we had home grown tomatoes, potatoes, rocket and carrots, and this year we’re being even more adventurous.

Since all this stuff is being grown from seeds, I am enjoying discovering that mundane vegetables have impossibly exciting names for their varieties.

Some tell you where it’s from, like our spring onions, which are White Lisbon, or the Brussels sprouts which are Evesham Special. Others tell you what the cultivator was hoping for, like Elegance salad leaves or Sparkler radishes or our yellow courgettes, which are called Gold Rush. I see what you did there.

We’ve got some flowers with descriptive names too; our sunflowers have been set up for greatness with the name Titan while the dahlias are Showpiece. We have high hopes for them both.

I don’t know what to expect from our aubergines now I know they are called Jewel Jet F1. But I am a big fan of the classical names. Our spinach is Apollo, and we have two varieties of parsnips, one called Palace and the other called Gladiator. I have checked the packet and Gladiator parsnips are a “vigorous hybrid” with “large, canker-resistant roots”. Just like real gladiators were.

Thrilled and exhilerated by all these names, I then turn to the packet of beetroot seeds, and see that they are Mixed. It had to end somewhere.

6 comments on “Seeds

  • So are you the couple from ‘The Good Life’ then? Have you jacked your jobs in and are content with living off the land?

    I think the latest series of ‘Gladiator’ may have been looking at those seed packets when coming up with the names for the new gladiators.

  • We’re getting close, yes. Pigs, chickens and a goat will follow, and then we’ll replace the lawn with wheat. I’ve started practicing chewing a stalk of grass in readiness.

  • You should see my farming flip flops. You’d change your name and go into hiding if you knew how completely and precisely they are on the fashions. Never has anything so squarely surmounted the fashions as those.

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