Avatar Christmas Dessert War

Christmas is nearly here. The season of eating a bit too much and feeling very full all day and still somehow continuing to eat Celebrations all afternoon. The season of Many Desserts.

This is the Christmas Dessert War. Pick a side and choose your favourite. Only one can survive*.

The candidates are:

  • Christmas pudding (with brandy sauce or custard, don’t mess me about with a drizzle of cream, nobody wants cream)
  • Christmas cake (with icing AND marzipan, and ideally a slice of Wensleydale on the side)
  • Yule Log (don’t choose this)
  • Other (please specify)

I choose Christmas pudding with brandy sauce. And if you don’t want any I’ll have yours.

(* all the desserts will survive and continue to be available for eating)

10 comments on “Christmas Dessert War

  • Christmas Pudding is vile.
    Christmas cake is equally cack.
    Yule logs are pretty meh, unless the chocolate is at least as thick at the cake.
    I’d have to throw in one of them modern christmas pudding shaped sticky toffee affairs. Hot, with cold custard.

  • What about something obtuse, such as a quaint trifle?

  • Trifle is definitely Christmas food. It turns up at Christmas parties. I am going to allow this.

    What’s the difference between a trifle and a quaint trifle?

  • In the last couple of weeks I have learned that doilies = quaintness, and that is possibly the greatest Christmas gift of all.

  • If you’ve got doilies then you’ve got a whole steaming wedge of quaintness. You’ve got quaintness squared. You’ve got quaintness to spare… I feel like I’m in the Rapples again.

  • It would be to correct the lack of quaintness in the rap scene and start a campaign to raise money for doilies.

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