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I recently got hold of a bike, in an attempt to do something energetic at least occasionally, rather than just spending literally my entire life either sitting down or being asleep.

What I didn’t count on was how dangerous it is round here. Get off the main roads and you suddenly find yourself in a terrifying danger zone of army firing ranges and other macho activities that are entirely incompatible with my naturally timid demeanour. A simple bicycle ride in the country suddenly becomes a horrifying scramble through live gunfire and explosions, like a scene from Rambo but with me in a bike helmet passing through the background.

Please find below a selection of pictures to document my emotions during a ride through this difficult environment.

6 comments on “Danger cycle

  • Use one of them Google phones and move along the bloody bits. Pretend it’s a photobomber or something. I’ve seen the internet adverts I know what the score is #modern

  • Even if I wanted to I still couldn’t because the picture was confiscated by MI5. They said it would be a risk to national security because I was shot with a secret spy bullet. Also, in the picture, the ambulance crew had to cut my trousers off and you can see my arse.

  • I can’t comment on the extent to which it may or may not have been *whistles* due to the Official Secrets Act, which now applies to my arse.

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