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We went to the theatre this week to see a musical, a big West End production of the Wizard of Oz. It was great.

I wasn’t the one who booked the tickets, so I didn’t see the list of performers until we were standing outside the theatre, where I could see all the famous names lit up across the big screens on the front of the theatre.

Just look at this all star cast!

I recognised almost all of them straight away, as I bet you did too.

  • Jason Manford is a stand-up comic who has carved out a successful musical theatre career. His voice is amazing!
  • Ashley Banjo made his name as part of dance troupe Diversity on Britain’s Got Talent.
  • Georgina Onuorah is a rising star of the West End, having transferred to this production from a run in Oklahoma! and before that Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cinderella.
  • Dianne Pilkington has been in one show after another since the late 90s and is a real star of the stage. I last saw her in a production of the 39 Steps at the Criterion.
  • Louis Gaunt makes his breakthrough performance here, having previously appeared in Bridgerton and The Larkins.
  • Christina Bianco as you already know has the most amazing voice, so I was thrilled to see her on the cast list.

There’s another bloke listed up there as well but I can’t recall seeing his name anywhere before. Maybe he’s new or something? Anyway, I don’t remember seeing him in the show.

6 comments on “Famous faces

  • The lack of respect for this man is appalling. What are you anymore? Poor Gazza Wilmza. He’s been putting the work in for night on 30 plus years and you can’t even see him.

  • Granted he would have run up to the stage with a roast chicken and a six pack and nobody on God’s green earth would have missed that even with your bad eyesight.

    You’re missing the point though. Every time Gary Wilmot’s achievements are not acknowledged by the world a tiny chaffinch dies.

  • Who? I don’t know why you’re mentioning that random name when we’re discussing some of the leading lights of West End musical theatre.

  • Wait, Louis Gaunt? Gaunt is a surname? Now I’ve heard everything.

    What’s next, Stiffy? Walter Stiffy? Perhaps Melanie Hemorrhoids? Joseph Ballbag? Ridiculous.

  • I saw those three in a ballet last year. It was very moving, and soundtracked entirely by Will Smith songs from the 90s.

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