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It’s here! The #mysteryweekend Newcastle 2019 Book is now online! Of course, you might know it by its proper title: The Time that Three Friends Went Away for a Spiffing Adventure. And Everything Was Fine.

You can read it, along with all the other silly books, on the Books page.

Highlights of this particular literary work include:

  • Words?
  • Ian blowing vape ships outside my nightclub
  • Kev’s Wemslip Bib
  • Filthbraham Bacon
  • Sugar Pillows
  • The Legend of Stabby McKenzie
  • A drawing of a raaeeeeeeuurgh

4 comments to God Damn Lips

  • Reading back through this, I do not remember 60% of it so it’s a damn good job that someone wrote it all down. Imagine if everyone forgot the legend of Stabby McKenzie!

  • I’m pretty sure “Stabby McKenzie” does enough work to make sure his own legend is remembered, mainly by telling anyone who will listen that he’s Stabby McKenzie and then explaining the legend to them in detail whether they want to hear it or not.

    At least, that’s my memory of him.

  • That’s how legends are started. If he didn’t gob about it so much nobody would know about him. You gotta converse to fill your purse (what?)

  • It’s like my old grandpops used to say: you gotta chin-wag to fill your bin bag.

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