Avatar Grand Moments in Grand Designs, episode 43

Hello and welcome to another edition of Grand Moments in Grand Designs.

Today we look back on the never-to-be-forgotten moment when Kevin off of Grand Designs was going to stand on an arch that had been made out of tiles and plaster by some bloke who was building a house on Grand Designs.

Grand Designs

Here we see them linking arms in preparation for stepping onto the arch, but this still image has a poignancy and emotion all its own, evoking as it does the tension and the energy of Greco-Roman wrestlers engaged in noble combat.

Go on Kevin, deck him!

Wait, no, this is a celebration of unorthodox and innovative architectural practices. That’s not appropriate.

Next time, we look at the incredible time when Kevin off of Grand Designs wore a particularly vibrant jumper and scarf combination on the day the double glazing was late.

30 comments on “Grand Moments in Grand Designs, episode 43

  • So is it episode 43 of Grand Designs or episode 43 of Grand Moments in Grand Designs?

  • This is very important. How do know we haven’t missed out on 41 earlier, vital episodes? What is their backstory? What drove them to build the arch? Will they ever escape the tyranny of late double glazing?

  • What I especially like is the strange curvy TV lines coming off of Kevin McCloud’s backside.

  • The strange curvy lines are due to the magnetic resonance of Kevin McCloud’s rear cheeks.

    This is episode 43 of Grand Moments in Grand Designs. If you missed the first 42 you might like to sign up to Beans On Demand where you can watch them all again.

  • Is the resonance magnetic because you can’t stop looking at them or does he have sophisticated technology in his ass, much like Sean the Sideboard Cyborg with sideburns?

  • It’s sad but true that zorse articles are the most demanded thing on the Beans and have been for many years.

  • Sorry about that. All that hate mail asking for more zorses was me.

  • ZorseMan769 to use my full name.

    It’s not that there are 768 ZorseMans before me but when I’m boxing my favourite move is the old 7 6 9. Gets them every time.

  • I’d like to think that the plural of ‘man’ would be ‘mans’…

  • Kev officially impresses himself and in doing so breaks the Internet. The world lies in ruins because he had to chuckle at his own worth. The shame of it.

  • You’re worse than Kim Kardashian (Khardasheen? Car Dash Ian?). Put your bum away you slag.

  • Look. If you two are going to sneak into my bedroom whilst I’m in the en-suite bathroom in the hope of catching a glimpse of me in my nuddy glory, I don’t see how I can be held responsible.

  • Not this again.

    Think a lot of yourself, don’t you eh, Hill?

  • Your problem is too much sound insulation on your en suite. If it let in more sound from outside the door, you’d have heard our lovely song about bringing you a cup of tea and the whole harrowing incident would have been avoided.

  • Our song was so lovely too and you never got a chance to hear it.


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