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I love blurry photos. For some reason they really resonate with me and even though you may have spent ages keeping your hand steady to get that perfect shot only for it to look as though my eyes have photographed it for you (my sight is really bad…) it still makes me titter like a dormouse.

Yesterday Siobhan and I drove 175 odd miles to Manchester to watch My Morning Jacket. I took a handful of snaps of the gig but this in particular is my absolute favourite:


It made getting back at 2:40am all the better for knowing I had this photo saved in my phone and in my heart.

It’ll never be on the front of a Hallmark card, which is for the best really… you’d feel fairly unappreciated if you received a birthday card with this on the front.

45 comments on “My Morning Snap-It

  • Isn’t that the band from the episode of American Dad where Stan gets obsessed with them?
    Although you probably don’t watch it. Noone that doesn’t have to does.

  • You are correct, tis the band from American Dad. I think the episode was called My Morning Strait Jacket. I love the dream sequence he has where he gets carried away by owls.

  • Oh hush Christopher, you are merely jealous that you are out the Family Guy loop.
    Also, are you suggesting there is something wrong with Tesco Value? I agree its not on par with Essential Waitrose but still acceptable.
    Better go, think a child fell out the window.

  • He doesn’t get it, that and he’s intimidated by men with big chins although if that lie was true he’d also be put off by Quagmire.

    FYI, your casual attitude to permeating childhood trauma is most refreshing.

  • I gladly accept that name. She’s kind of cool.
    Yesterday one of my kids trod on another and I told her to stop moaning. Today she’s off school with a bad foot. Best Teacher Award goes to…

  • I tried to sign myself off as Miss Emily for you but it thinks I am a new person and wants me to be moderated. Chris may wish to moderate me later, but in the mean time my comment was this:

    I gladly accept that name. She’s kind of cool.
    Yesterday one of my kids trod on another and I told her to stop moaning. Today she’s off school with a bad foot. Best Teacher Award goes to…

  • Look at you, prancing in here after six years away, casually moderating people you’ve never met. It makes me sick. I’d ask you where you get off, but we already established where you get off in an old post a while ago, so there’s no need.

  • (Go with it Ian, moderating is the hot new thing. All the cool kids are doing it!)

  • (I’m not cranky, I like Family Guy.)

    Don’t worry Ian, I’ve totally got this:
    (…what?) #matesquared

  • (Not sure how much more moderating I might need. It’s a tiring process!)

  • I’m not sure I take kindly to my girlfriend being moderated so casually by another man.

    I don’t go around censoring Sarah without your say-so.

  • Oh Chris, we’ve had this chat too many times, you can’t be the only one who moderates me…

  • Would it be too presumptuous to ask if I can moderate you too?

  • He’s not happy on anything that involves me. It doesn’t lift his skirt at all.

  • To be honest, I don’t think I lift his skirt either. I think I should consider why he’s actually wearing skirts in the first place. I think I may be a decoy.

  • That’s a very good question and one that has neither been posed or answered on here. It might be prudent to ask him in person rather than on here.

  • I think we should. It’s a good excuse for me to make some bunting.

  • No no by all means go for it. You may also do dress and high heels shapes too.

    If I’m single after this intervention it was all your idea and all your fault.

  • Skirt shaped bunting hadn’t even occurred to me. Well done, Kevin, you earned that meme.

    The intervention organisers cannot be held responsible for the individual repercussions of the intervention. He’ll be lardy lordy woo with the whole thing, you’ll see 😀

  • Can I get a LADY LORDY WOO from the studio audience, please?

  • You could if this were a sitcom, but it’s not. This is a working group for the decoration of Chirs’ intervention, now get back to that sewing machine.

  • Right, Ian’s doing the bunting, I’m doing the cake. Kev what are you bringing to the table here?

  • SORRY I CAN’T HEAR YOU OVER THE SOUND OF THE SEWING MA… ah it’s stuck again. SO YOU ahem you were saying?

  • It’s too late for the intervention, guys. Stop it all.

    Chris found out about the stationery cupboard. We are doomed anyway. Let him wear his skirts in full glory.

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