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  • This is similar to watching ‘Bitsa’ back in the day. 10 out of 10 out of 10 out of 10 out of 10 (out of 10, out of 10) for certain.

  • You watched it with the sound on, right? The music is integral to the viewing experience.

    So far my favourite bit of today was posting this where the lady asked what was in it and I had to tell her. She said if they were this good, she was going to try the same brand of oven chips next time she’s shopping.

  • I commented on this first, but my comment didn’t save and I cant remember what it said.

    How do you like these apples?

  • I think I’d have preferred your first apples, but given that your first apples didn’t save, I am forced to accept these apples whether I like it or not.

  • I don’t like it. I don’t like the bitter taste of knowing I could have read a very different comment much earlier in the day, and knowing it was almost certainly better than this one was.

  • It would certainly be better than THIS one that’s fo sho.

  • Do you want my face right here? It is customary for the world to reject one’s face because they do not approve.

  • On this occasion I would welcome your viso/volto/video. Personally I try to judge appearances of your face on merit.

  • Did you also send Becky her, what was it, did she ask for Magnums in the post?

  • I did not. I don’t have her address so I assume she wasn’t serious about it in the same way that you were very serious about being sent some chips.

  • You don’t need her address. There’s so few houses in Jernsey or wherever it is she bunks that you can write her name and a vague description of her and it’ll get there quick sharp.

  • Jernsey, yeah, that’s it.

    Can I guess it? Is that good enough? I’d guess it’s something like:
    One of the Houses

  • That’s the one I used when I sent her a ‘Kev Sandwich’. They have become quite popular since the initial dummy run to you. I heard she’s had it framed and put on the wall next to her gyroscope.

    She does love that gyroscope.

  • Why would you eat a gyroscope? They’re not edible, Chris. Come on man keep up.

  • I had pieroscope on toast for tea last night. Delicious! I threw in a bowl of hot prayers too.

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