Avatar Immortalised in stone

It’s with great joy that I can now announce the unveiling of a statue to commemorate my life’s work and achievements. It has been carved from stone and then coloured exquisitely by a team of master craftsmen from Madame Tussaud’s in order to create a lifelike rendering of my own handsome and stylish body.


Please feel free to use the comments thread below this post to discuss all the wonderful things I have done and the many reasons you admire me.

10 comments on “Immortalised in stone

  • I noticed that they have neglected to put your name on. Is this because everyone automatically knows who you are?

  • Yes. We discussed it and decided there was no need to clutter the pedestal with writing when everyone would recognise me. It would just distract people from looking at my face.

    I assume that Elena’s laugh was a laugh of complete agreement.

  • It’s the kind of laugh that can only mean one thing; a bunga bunga party.

    Also, she agrees with you like erm a million per cent.

  • Yes, complete agreement. One can only wish to be as stylish as Chris.

    Ian, don’t you wish to be as stylish as Chris? (My phone tried to autocorrect that to Christ).

  • That does pose some interesting questions, such as could I be as stylish as Christ? I don’t think it would be blasphemous to say he patented the socks and sandals look which is still going strongly although not with me personally.

    As stylish as Chris? No.

  • You should definitely get yourself in socks and sandals. A nice Argyll diamond-pattern sock paired with a pair of battered Birkenstocks is so you.

    I think it’s also high time you got some corduroy in your wardrobe.

  • Chris if you ever wear socks and sandals we are over.

    Ian may wear them to his heart’s content. I feel they look best with corduroy.

  • Yay I can wear what I want. I’m going out to buy a cape when I’ve finished posting this.

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