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Every day on my way to work, on the way through the station, I pass a number of disused doorways along a side wall.

It has recently come to my attention that one of them has an unexpectedly thrilling sign above it.


As a result, I have the following questions, and I will not rest until they are answered.

  1. What is a Jetfoil?
  2. Can I have a go on one?
  3. If this is the exit from the Jetfoil, how do I get in?

Please answer quickly because I absolutely will not rest until these questions are answered and I am already quite tired.

Thank you.

15 comments on “Jetfoil

  • Jetfoil is what they wrap around planes to make them feel all snuggly wuggly after a hard day of working.

  • It’s exactly that. The jetfoil gives the exhausted peoples a bit of a boost. When I wrap my lunch in it then it flies around the room.

  • So was this some sort of jetfoil vending kiosk? Where people might go in one door, collect a jetfoil from the counter, and then leave through the other door to go and wrap it around their shivering aeroplane?

  • I think it’s the one or the earlier models. These days Jetfoil vending machines are the size of a jelly bean’s toe.

  • Indeed. I have to put about thirty into my mouth just to feel good.

    And it does feel good. It’s like a rainbow vomiting down my throat.

  • I heard that’s the only way you ever feel good these days, and at more or less all other times you’re a hollow shell who knows only the endless all-encompassing need for jelly beans.

  • It’s true. It’s all true. Without my jelly bean addiction I am nothing but a tiny green strawberry floating in a glass of champagne.

  • I thought as much. A thought that I found both poignant and tedious. I quickly dispensed with thinking as much, and moved on to thinking something more enjoyable, namely a daydream about going snowboarding with Chas and Dave.

  • Snowbwoaging with Daz and Chave? I’m so jel/env.

    Make sure you invite Gary Wilmot because otherwise he’ll get jealous.

  • Wait, are they the djs or the Cockney singers? I always get the two confused; Stase and Chatus and Chave and Chives.

  • I heard Clive and Beetroot are worse.

    Can someone quote me on that?

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