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Having finally confirmed that they have been working together, Smidge Manly and Nizzle granted Newsboost an exclusive interview earlier today to discuss their project.

I met them in the swanky surroundings of “Horace’s Cafe”, a favorite hang-out of Smidge’s in the small of Worsbrough just south of Barnsley. As we sat there on the yellow and brown vinyl chairs, I could see from the excited looks on their faces that they had something big to announce.

“Right, so then. We’ve been working on this thing you see. It’s long since been a dream of mine to put out an album, you know, a load of tracks on one disc. Anyway, I wanted it to be my versions of what I think are the greatest songs in the history of music. I bumped into Nizzle here at a charity gala to raise money for the starving herons of North Yorkshire, and we got chatting. After a few shandies, we decided to make it happen, and that’s how Double Bugger came about”

Smidge Manly

Nizzle, as he is well known for, said nothing throughout the whole time we were there and only looked up from his full english to wave at the waitress for more sugar to go in his tea.

We chatted for about an hour and by the end of it, (largely because I offered to pay for the breakfast) I had secured a world exclusive first play of the promo reel for the new album. I hope you enjoy it.

Download it HERE.

15 comments on “Newsboost – Showbiz Exclusive: Double Bugger

  • Can I pre-order it on limited edition number coloured vinyl yet? I need three copies. I need three.

  • Ha! I KNEW Nizzle was involved in something big when he turned down the Rapples gig. I bet he’s been at this ever since then.

    This might be the single best thing I have ever listened to.

  • How do you spell ‘Dave’? Just so I get it right for the postal order.

  • Dave, right, yeah. It’s spelled D-A-V-E.

    It’s good to check these things, you don’t want some unscrupulous sod like Chris5156 getting your money.

  • I swear your hair gets swifter each time you comment.

    I’ve got the goods. You’ve got the brains. Let’s make lots of music.

  • From this angle, which is to say the wrong angle, it looks more like a wig.

    Also, don’t call me a doily. I’m more of a scouring pad.

  • You’re a very elaborate scouring pad, though. One that could be used to decorate an elderly aunt’s sideboard.

  • I’m the kind of scouring pad that doesn’t look nice but if you’re looking to buff something to sheen then I’m your man / pad.

    I could clean even the dirtiest… erm, what’s the name of those pointless things you rest teaspoons on in a kitchen?

  • I’ve always called it a pointless thing you rest teaspoons on in a kitchen, but its correct name – as mentioned in Mrs Beaton’s famous Victorian cookbook – is a “kitchen-based pointless thing you rest teaspoons on”.

  • Yeah, one of them. I could buff the sheen to sheen with sheen out of that.

    I’m so glad you’re here. I would never have remembered that.

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