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For one night only, Pouring Beans presents The Porcelainettes LIVE on stage in the concert auditorium below the bell tower. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime chance to catch one of the world’s most hotly tipped up-and-coming ceramic bands in the plush surroundings of this website!

Featuring great covers of classic sing-along hits such as:

  • “Livin’ Doll”
  • Nina Simone’s “Little Girl Blue”
  • Kraftwerk’s “The Model”
  • “Achey Breaky Ceramic Heart”
  • “Tiny Dancer”
  • Annie Lennox’s “Walking On Broken Glass (And Pottery)”
  • “Statue Got Me High” (it’s a TMBG song, I don’t expect you to get the reference, it’s just for me really)
  • “Fade to Grey (Hair)”

And many many many more.

Book now!

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