Avatar Ode to a Face on a Spoon

Yes! I’ve finally gotten around to uploading my unfinished symphony to follow on the wooden spoon theme from June. If you could call it a theme.

It was mentioned once, and I have mentioned it again, so the theme has been continued.

Anyway, due to phenomenal demand (please, everyone calm down) here is my lovely unfinished song:

I was a little bit lonely
So I drew a face on a spoon
A wood spoon, a happy face,
Whistling a happy tune
I drew some bushy eyebrows
With the littlest of fuss
I also added a scar on his cheek
To look a little dangerous

Face on a spoon (not on a stick)
Face on a spoon (not on a stick)
Face on a spoon (now that’s a trick)
Face on a spoon, and not on a stick

One day I’ll finish it and I will earn a million pounds exactly.

6 comments on “Ode to a Face on a Spoon

  • This is a serious achievement. It is both moving and thoroughly meaningless.

    Tell me, where do you get your ideas?

  • I only deal in serious achievements. That’s why I have three certificates in drama from Newcastle College.

    My ideas come from a committee based in Idaho, possibly somewhere between Nampa and Boise. They throw some words into a bag, jumble them up and then throw them across an electric sandpit. The ideas are then printed off on a printer attached to a BBC Micro and faxed direct to my office.

  • Three certificates? That’s pretty serious. Dame Judi Dench doesn’t have three certificates, that’s for damn sure.

  • Sometimes the committee like to listen to the ‘Brooklyn Sound’ when they are deliberating. That’s a little known fact for you there.

    I’m totes hardcore theatre arts through and through. I think I do an act much better than most people.

  • I’ve always thought it’s a good thing that you don’t act more, otherwise you’re so good that you’d just be putting most of Hollywood out of a job.

  • It would cause an event that the world could not possibly hope to recover from. I am doing everyone a favour by not acting more.

    I once recited some Shakespeare to a friend on a whim and three species of African birds became extinct as a result.

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