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Pouring Beans, as usual, has its finger on the pulse of popular culture and, like everyone else, socks have become our number one topic of conversation this week. Everyone loves socks, and nobody can stop talking about them. So the question is – what’s your favourite kind of sock?

Choose now.

If you are having difficulty thinking of types of sock, here are some ideas:

  • Long socks with stripes
  • Short socks with heels and toes in a different colour to the other parts of the sock
  • Plain grey socks
  • Thick socks with that sort of ribbed pattern for hiking or rambling perhaps
  • Little trainer socks that always feel a bit too short
  • Hand socks (“gloves”)

18 comments on “Socks

  • I like short socks that are interestingly patterned or brightly coloured. Hand socks are good also, but not in august.

  • What is the best form for bright colouring? I used to favour heels and toes being coloured, but lately I’m all about the stripes.

  • I too am all about the stripes especially something classic like black and white.

  • EXACTLY like that. What an amazing simile. Have you thought of compiling a book called “1001 Unexpected Similes for Everyday Occasions”? It would smash the Christmas market.

    I like that it involved stripes and that’s what we were talking about.

  • The colours can be free form on my socks, I don’t constrain the colours with such rules as stripes or heel/toe areas.

  • I’ve been planning to smash the Christmas market for years, and this is the best chance I’ve had for yonks. Now all I need is a stylish hat…

  • I finished off a packet of them last week. I had them with the rest of that nice gorgonzola. Presumably someone bought some more.

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