Avatar The Haunted Castle of Yore

Recently I dug out my Lego castle for Ted to build and as he had to do something with photography for a Beaver badge, we made a little stop motion film…

The Haunted Castle of Yore

10 comments on “The Haunted Castle of Yore

  • I gave this a 5 out of 5 easy. It had everything: a castle, a ghost, a princess, movement, sounds, the works. If it also had some trifle then it could have earned 6 out of 5.

  • It’s very close to being part of the Legend of Zelda franchise, now you mention it. As a fellow Zelder I am naturally excited about this.

  • I am hoping some kind of official endorsement will follow shortly. Given your close association with the franchise and the bigwigs at Nintendo, perhaps you can put in a good word for Ted?

  • I had a word but they said the tugging and tumbling levels were too low. It needs more of both or else it’s a waste of their time.

  • You can rest assured that there was a small lego trifle in the mid-section of the tower, we just failed to catch it on camera. Presumably as we didn’t animate any tugging or tumbling.

  • I notice there’s some lawn around the castle – not much, but a bit. If you mow that with your sword I bet there’s some more trifle hiding in there.

  • As castles go this one has a remarkably dense network of modern horse roads all around it. Bravo, haunty ghosts.

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