9 comments on “The last faff of July

  • It really is. But I have two issues with your idea:
    1. I don’t know how you market this, it’s just a picture.
    2. Marketing it sounds like an absolute right old faff.

  • You market it by putting it on stickers and selling them on Etsy or somewhere like that, then you put them all over London. It can be your graffiti tag albeit a little more middle class than usual.

  • The irony is so delicious though I could put it between two slices of bread and snack on that sucker.

    You need a project. It could go on the front cover of my new book, “We: the new You.”

  • How dare you insinuate such a thing, the fact I posted it at 1700 on a work day is entirely coincidental. I’m glad you like it. I needed a silly distraction.

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