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I think this confirms that my transition to middle age is now complete. A few weeks ago I cleared out the garage, which had become a bit of a dumping ground, and decided it was time to finally put the space to better use. Every time there’s been a bit of DIY on the go, you see, I’ve ended up sawing and sanding and painting things on the garage floor. This is bad for my back, the floor and the end result.

My purchase of a small folding workmate bench a year ago has helped with this, but only so much. So I built myself a workbench, using bits of wood I’d pulled out of the loft when I boarded it out and some cupboard doors that were meant for the new kitchen but which had a paint defect.

I had expected it to be wobbly and uneven and possibly even end up rocking backwards and forwards if you touched it, but to my enormous surprise it is both level and extremely sturdy.

So this is just to say that I built a piece of very solid furniture from scratch, it was the highlight of my week, and I am now a middle aged man. Thank you.

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  • Nothing wrong with that. You’re what we call in the business an adrenaline DIYer. Like those lads who do the ironing while skydiving.

  • It’s what I do every weekend. The whole skydiving ironing business has become stale.

    What about calling your insurance company to discuss your renewal quote underwater, say 200m? Is that extreme enough?

  • Extreme renewal quoting? Yes, that’s pretty wild. I think Red Bull sponsor that now. If you enjoy that you should try speed shopping, it’s like buying a weekly shop at Sainsbury’s but your trolley has a quad bike engine and moves at 45mph.

  • Kev was doing that half a lifetime ago. I’ve never seen so many packets of chocolate digestives disappear into a trolley. They banned him from all the Tescos in the area.

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