Avatar The nemesis of Dr. Burger

We all know the healing powers of Doctor Burger. The wonderful Doctor Burger makes everything better. But for every Yin there is a Yang, and for every Starsky there is a Hutch. What if there was an anti-Doctor Burger, an evil burger that would make you feel worse instead of better?

There is. I’ve found it. I don’t want it.

You have it if you want. I’m fine without.

10 comments on “The nemesis of Dr. Burger

  • It begins with “M” so I think it might actually be a mushroom burger. If so, that’s better, but only a bit better.

  • I thought for a moment this was some sort of vegan abomination, which whilst still rank, can be written off as ‘them cazy vegans’. Sadly someone has decided that sweet and tangy fruit belongs on top of a beef burger, and for that they should be lynched.

    What’s worse though is that it seems they’ve used the same burger for both these photos and just swapped over the shit toppings. Check out the lettuce curls. (not to be confused with lentil curls)

  • So they have. That must have tasted rank when they’d finished the photo shoot. Every possible hideous topping had touched that burger. Ugh.

  • No, you can’t spell banana with an ‘m’. You could, until 1998, but since that date the Police and Crime (Fruit) Act came into force, which made the deliberate misspelling of fruit names a criminal offence. It also made it illegal to eat the whole of an apple including the core, which Jason in my class at school used to do and it was rank.

  • I don’t think apple cores are what’s destroying the planet. Cast them aside where you will. If you want to show that you care for the environment and save on waste, the thing to eat is crisp packets. Finish your Monster Munch and then get the crinkly plastic bag down your neck.

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