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That is all I have to say. It’s New Year’s Eve, my Christmas tree is already put away for next year and after a rather lengthy tidy up over a few days, the flat has never looked better.

You can now witness my unboxing of Chris’ mysterious package (not a euphemism)on the Tube of Yous and it will only take you less than a minute. I am making a list of items to purchase with all the revenue the video is going to generate. It’s going to be a huge winner.

I expect 2023 to be the best for everyone. Happy New Year to all.

8 comments on “The video is uploaded

  • Excellent news. Obviously I haven’t watched it yet. I will report black when I have.

    Our house is still festooned with Christmas and has never been messier! Happy new year!

  • Amazing work. The only thing worse than the gift you received is the video of you receiving it!

    I applaud your decision not to turn the big light on.

  • It is the Ianest thing in the world to have finally uploaded the video but still not put it on the Beans.

    Above everything else, though, I am delighted that Royal Mail helped out with the crapness of the present by breaking the gnome’s legs off in transit. I sent a fully intact gnome, which in hindsight was a mistake. They’ve clearly got my back.

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