User avatarThings! Ep. 1 – Crumbulets

Pouring Beans Productions continues to be at the forefront of innovation in exciting televisual entertainment. This week, PBP is proud to launch its brand new series, Things!, which meets groundbreaking inventors and discovers how they’ll be changing our lives tomorrow.

In this first episode, Alan Rudge meets Clive, a man from Leeds who is revolutionising the world of food.

12 comments to Things! Ep. 1 – Crumbulets

  • Kevil

    Hurray for Things!

    This has made my day.

  • Hooray! The fact that this has made your day has made my day.

  • Ian "Mac Mac Mac Mac" McIver

    I keep trying to view this at work and the browser says, “NO NO and NO AGAIN!”

  • Your work computer is not a good invention. Its inventor will categorically not be appearing on “Things!”.

  • Ian "Mac Mac Mac Mac" McIver

    I can see it now with my face eyes. I only wish I had enough of my lunch left to view it.


  • Your lunch would be better with crumbulets sprinkled on it.

  • Ian "Mac Mac Mac Mac" McIver

    It WOULD, wouldn’t it? I can only imagine the joy that spreads when crumbulets hit my sandwich.

  • You don’t have to imagine. You could get some for less than £2 a bag.

  • Ian "Mac Mac Mac Mac" McIver

    I don’t know. That does sound like a good deal but do you have anything in the region of 10 for £10.10?

  • I think you could probably get a bulk discount to that sort of tune. That sounds reasonable.

  • Ian "Mac Mac Mac Mac" McIver


    I’m sorry, I’m not quite sure what came over me.

    Excellent. I’ll prepare a telegram.

  • Ian "Mac Mac Mac Mac" McIver

    They’re almost TOO large.

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