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Dear Future Me,

How’s it going? Did you ever work out what was clogging the bathroom sink?

I thought it was best to leave you a little something in case the old noggin isn’t quite what it once was because, you know, how great you/we are at remembering things in the year 2021 (?) let’s let that sink in a little before moving on. Ahhh! Got it? Okay.

It was in this month of this year that the old Beans got hacked again big time. Poor old man Kevvers had to spend many a-night trying to sweep up the bad vibes. Once all the ju-ju was gone, after probably sneaking in using your password, the security was ramped dry and everything seemed to settle down. The reason when you’ve gone three and a half weeks without any posts is due to the aforementioned security breach and also because you met up with Chris and Kev so you expended all the knowledge and nonsense in person, you drained yourself dry leaving but a tiny husk with which to mop up the remains. You took those three weeks to replenish the stocks and now, brimming with guff, chuff and lots of other undesirable stuff, you’ve come running over the horizon line with a huge grin and a trail of vape ships as long as the eye can see.

So, huddled around with your thirty grandchildren, you can tell the tale of the time a hush descended on the Beans and you utterly destroyed it with the next five days’ worth of tat.


6 comments on “Mental Note

  • It’s good to see an honest admission that, once we’ve seen each other in person, none of us wants to have much to do with the Beans for a few weeks. But we acquitted ourselves well, as responsible adults, by absolutely spamming the site with a load of old crap before the month was out. Well done us, and particularly, me.

  • Nice one. Did it feel good? It looked pretty good from here. A hearty laugh will save us all.

    AH HA HA!


  • He will, in a few months when he reads this.

    Actually this is no longer in the top three posts so he probably won’t. #zingers

    AH HA HA ha HAAAA! That’s a hearty laugh for me too.

  • AH HA! HAHA ha well done, sir. Hearty laughs for all.

    I’m feeling nostalgic so, given that he won’t be here for a few months, perhaps you should lean against a pillar and crack off a couple more zingers?

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