Avatar Things! Ep. 4 – Petrol Pockets

Around the world, every single day, remarkable people are creating remarkable new things, making their ideas and innovations a reality. And since the start of 2016, Pouring Beans Productions has been sending its reporters out to meet some of those people and catch a glimpse of the exciting inventions that are in development.

In this episode of Things!, Dougie McLaughten meets a man from Banbury who hopes to revolutionise the way we buy petrol and other inflammable spirits.

16 comments on “Things! Ep. 4 – Petrol Pockets

  • WHEN I CAN GET TO A… sorry. When I can get to a computer that can display this mo’ fo’ I am putting my face right through it.

  • You need to get the air out before you close the zip-lock.

    On Monday, I got a job.

  • IT IS BRILLIANT N… sorry. It is brilliant news but I’m a bit concerned it’s distracting us from the important issue of Petrol Pockets.

  • WHAT WE NEED THEN I… Sorry, what we need then is a separate post for Miss Wolfson to draw attention to the fact that she’s got a job. I’d use one of my posts but I’m only allowed four and there’s only one left for April.

  • I AM IN AG… Sorry. I am in agreement but I’m planning to use my last April post to review Suggs’s important 1995 album, The Lone Ranger. It may have to wait until May.

  • THAT IS A VERY IMPOR… Sorry, that is a very important post and can’t wait. Even though it pains me to say it, I think we may have to delay celebrating Miss Wolfson’s new job until next month.

    Does that make us bad people?

  • GOOD. I’VE GOT ENOUGH TO… Sorry, I’ve got enough going on right now without feeling bad about something else.

    Although I am still chuffed like a chuffer for Miss Wolfson’s good fortune.

  • WE’RE ALL VERY PL… sorry. We’re all very pleased for Miss Wolfson’s magnificent achievement but that shouldn’t mean we rush the celebration. Keep your tinder dry.

  • Thanking you kindly. Although I did lose my hat in the tail wind of your bellowing… I thought the coast was clear so I let go of it, then what do you know? Someone bellowed again and it just simply flew right off my very head!

  • THAT’S SUCH A SH… sorry. That’s such a shame. Your hat was both delicate and beguiling, like a mermaid made of doilies.

  • WE DIDN’T MEAN TO CA… Sorry, we didn’t mean to cause a commotion. It started and once it had it was hard to stop. Waaaaaaay (what?)

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