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A year ago, when it was twenty years on from the founding of Zyurisizia, I wrote a post about the fledgling nation that Ian and I helped to birth, and we had a short conversation about what its flag looked like.

My contribution was only that I had “a feeling it involved triangles”. Ian dredged up slightly more detail, recalling “triangles and a red circle, a bit like the Chinese flag”, though in what way that resembled the flag of China, which has no triangles and no red circle, I don’t know. We then recalled that territory was claimed by fastening the flag to the longest pole we could find, and planting that in the ground in various places.

Luckily I have now found my Office Memorabilia CD, so after a year of impatient waiting, you’ll be pleased to know the answer is now with us.

The capital city, which was the Office, was claimed with a hand-drawn flag on a 30cm ruler.

We then moved on to claim the Wildlife Area a few days later, by which point we had a more professional flag on a metre ruler.

I haven’t visited the Scholars Gate housing development to check, but I assume the flag is still prominently flying there somewhere.

For your peace of mind, this is probably all the Zyurisizia nostalgia there is to be had, so next year you’re probably safe from a “twenty two years on” type post. Still, lots of fun was had by all concerned.

6 comments on “Twenty one years on

  • I remember this well. It was fun entering other people’s land and claiming it for our own. It’s these same giddy thrills that other dictators, both fascist and un-fascist, must have experienced over the last few thousand years.

  • It is, and I can see why it’s moreish. We’d have conquered more territory if only we’d a) had time and b) could be bothered.

  • We only took what we needed. If the citizens of Zyurisizia needed more land, then we could have easily battered through into the outer fields and possibly even the football / rugby pitches. Maybe even the flyline? Who knows what we were capable of?

  • I think we were capable of getting as far east as Ninelands Lane before the army caught up with us. Maybe we should go back and have a stab at it.

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