22 comments on “What the Chuff?

  • It had to come back. It couldn’t not come back. It could come back more, but only if there was a need for it.

  • If there are strawberry laces up for grabs, I’m having a go at this!

    This is how Chris sucks out intelligence and brain cells from people. He has to wear the tea towel in case his hair catches fire from too much brain power. The person who took this photo had had so many brain cells extracted by Chris that they thought it best to photograph the occasion instead of protecting the rest of their assets.

    Whoever thought this was a dance routine is clearly nuts.

  • (I’ve got Nicholas Wolfwood, attorney at law on speed dial should you need him)

    That’s a spiffing answer by the way. Who’d have thought Chris would have so much brain power.

  • Are you sure? The shandys are quite a treat for the senses. ALL the senses. Even the ones you’re never sure what to do with.

  • There is a special bonus prize available, where Chris will re-enact his powerful and moving piece of drama for you, completely gratis, if you can answer the following question…

  • Ah well umm I should probably take that as a “nay to the nonny no nay”, to use the parlance of our times. Which is a shame ‘cos Chris was gearing up for round two.

    Stand down, sir, your talents are not required.

  • That’s a HEY HEY no NONNY no nenny to the no non nay right there.

    It’s okay mate, it’s fine. There will be others who will appreciate your artistic efforts.

  • Don’t make me out to bed the bad guy here… I am simply voicing my honest opinions of the interpretive…..”dance”.

  • And there will be noone else that will appreciate those artistic efforts, don’t lie. (Nobody who could replace me, anyway).

  • I’m sensing a degree of slight negativity towards my interpretive dance which, I won’t lie, is disappointing to me.

  • I’m looking forward to the second part, where sadness and terror befalls the hero.

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