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Due to the massive popularity of “guess who’s back?” I’m back again with a new game… What’s missing?


This time I have a riddle for you:

My first is in the, but not in book

My second’s in the, but not in book

My third is in the, but not in book.

My fourth is in book, but not in the.

My fifth is in book, but not in the.

My sixth is in book, but not in the.

My last is in book, but not in the.


What’s missing?

11 comments on “What’s missing?

  • I have spent some time carefully going through this puzzle line by line and I think the answer might be EEEKOKK.

  • Youuuurrrr Riiight!

    CONGRATULATIONS! You are the winner of a huge cash prize. All you need to do to collect your prize is provide the following information:

    First Name:

    Bank Name:
    Account Number:
    Sort Code:

    Bank Secret Question:
    Secret Question Answer:

    Online Banking Username:
    Online Banking Password:

  • Even though I didn’t win, can I also provide you with my personal details too? I don’t want to miss out on all the fun.

  • Oh wow! This is so exciting! I have filled in my details in black pen on the screen.

    (I knew the answer couldn’t be “the book” because I know where that is, it’s in the post.)


    (arrived on Friday, gonna give a once over like a bitch)

  • Of course you can but you need to submit the necessary paperwork. I think since the 2014 regulations shift you need forms IB201A, QA34T and, obviously, the K11TQ9.

  • I have a Sudden Celebration Waiver Declaration form, but it hasn’t been countersigned by my next of kin. Will I still need to provide a passport-sized photo?

  • Yes, and there’s also an administrative fee of £8.99 which includes a 5% fee for the Sudden Celebration High Five Charity.

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