Avatar Hair by Ian

I suspect Ian’s natural shyness and modesty are to blame, but I have to say I was surprised to discover that he’s opened a hair salon in North London named after his new favourite word.


15 comments on “Hair by Ian

  • I suppose I just got tired of people telling me that a bijou wasn’t a thing so I set about correcting that by not only making it another thing, because it was already a thing, but making it a successful hair thing.

  • Mate! Mate mate mate mate. Mate mate matey mate


    (answer: no, pay up your cheap London charlatan)

  • A root square, or square root, is still better than a negative number mate or a nega mate as it has been known to be known as.

  • That’s reassuring. I got a cold sweat thinking the bantwagon had been written off. We need to get it up and running and back on the road and running on the road.

  • The bantwagon could never be written off. The bantwagon can write whole buildings off without suffering so much as a dent.

  • I’ve often wondered if it was able to do so. But given that the building wouldn’t be able to construct a conversation strong enough to go up against the might of the bandwagon. Can you provide any equations to support this?

  • You have literally just thrown away the answers! Montgomery and Marjorie would be fuming right about now. It’s a good job I’m not them.

  • It’s literally the only thing I’m holding onto right now. Basically.

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