14 comments on “Episode 20: The Face of…

  • For once it was nice to have a go at taking the baton way too far. The baton is usually something I see Ian carrying, and only then at a distance, as he scampers away into the undergrowth of nonsense. So I enjoyed doing it myself, just this once. For once.

  • For once I can concur with that sentiment that by, for once, taking the baton it has alleviated the stress of me having to do it. That is because someone must do it every time for things to work. It’s the law.

    For once.

  • It’s the law that someone must do it every few times? That’s a very vague bit of legislation. Who wrote that? Because it doesn’t sound like Winston Churchill and I’m sure as hell it wasn’t the Queen.

  • It was Lloyd John Cole McNausea, circa 1859. He was certified and put in an institution a few years after he wrote it but everyone was too polite and British to tear it down so it stayed.

    So there.

    For once.

  • Well, that’s told me.

    I think the only thing for me to do now, having been told so firmly and accurately, and given that we are British gentlemen, is to compose a ballad in your honour on the lute.

  • It will be sung by all the great minstrels of the day. The tale of your honour will go down in ballads forever more.

  • I… don’t think it did rhyme. Unless you pronounce the word “in” as “ing”. Or you refer to the lead singer of the Police as “Stin”.

    (Incidentally, my favourite song that Stin ever wrote was “Every Little Thin She Does is Magic”.)

  • That was always my understanding. If you really listen to the lyrics, the fact she spends her working life boxing up After Eights is there in the subtext.

  • (I forgot the name of After Eights, I hope it didn’t show)

    Not a lot of the other lyrics seem to make reference to small dark chocolate mint thins but I still agree with you. You can’t trust Sting.

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