Avatar A Dearth of Posts

This is an emergency broadcast on behalf of the members of the PB Committee.

It has been brought to our attention that between the mirth of Ian’s birthday and the joys of frantically planning for Christmas, there has been a distinct absence of posts on da beans. In order to facilitate and satisfy the general public’s desire for new posts this post has been posted in order to fill the gap until more new posts can be shipped in from abroad.

Staff are working round the clock to ensure that fresh posts will be delivered within the next 48 hours. All that the members of the PB Committee ask is that people are patient enough to wait a little longer, indulge a little further, drink a little harder, and before you know it you will be swimming in factual information and endearingly hilarious titbits.

There will also continue to be the overwhelmingly distinct absence of Kevin.

Thank you.

4 comments on “A Dearth of Posts

  • Excellent use of the word “dearth”.

    It has now been more than 48 hours. Could someone please make an official complaint to the blog post supplier? We pay good money and this service is appalling.

  • Apparently one has been sent but due to the post being a smidge iffy this time of year it hasn’t arrived yet.

    Thank the baby cheeses then that your post can help to fill the void.

  • Smidge Iffy helps the postal service around this time of year with the heavy loads. Since the privatisation though his chude has been questionable.

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