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So, the other day at work, I was being at work and doing work stuff in one of our little glass boxes, when I became aware of some sort of kerfuffle or brouhaha taking place just outside.

I turned to see a whole crowd of people from around the office floor all trying to take pictures on their phones. In the midst of them was a camera crew trying to set up to film a TV interview.

With them – dressed all in white from head to toe, and wearing the most tasteless crown imaginable – was Miss World.

Virtually every man on the entire floor queued up for a picture with Miss World (none of the women seemed interested), but because I was working in my little glass box, working and doing work, I didn’t actually meet her or get a picture to prove this happened. But what I DID get were these two incredible pictures taken through the glass that clearly show the close encounter I had with someone who is, according to an unassailably democratic process, officially the most beautiful woman in the world, apparently. And that is basically just as good.

8 comments on “A close encounter

  • Your pictures capture an angle which, I presume, is not usually available for the most beautiful woman in the world.

    What I particularly enjoy is the fact that she’s in the same position in both photos, as if she was some wax work being moulded by the two men in her presence.

    Did you see her move at all?

  • Yes, she did move, but all of her movement took place either before or after my photos were taken. But I can categorically confirm that she is able to move just like a normal person.

  • I dunno, deep down I want to believe you but having not been there when she was moving I cannot say whether or not I believe you.

    Dr Burger has been dishing out some decent advice recently. I think I may consult with her, is that okay?

  • Dr Burger completely agrees with you. She also gave me a wonderful recipe for a Viennese tartlets.

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