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Gentlemen, we have a crisis. Sexatronic – my oddly named neighbour and subject of a hit single by The Papples – is about to be evicted from her ground floor hovel overlooking Church Road.

I suggest you do as I have done and write to your MP (remembering to CC the Queen) demanding that the Government steps in to prevent this impending tragedy.



8 comments on “Sexatronic eviction

  • I for one, am outraged. I have put my foot through my computer monitor and will be sending the council the bill forthwith.

  • Why would they do that? What has she ever done except provide joy and hope to the burgeoning masses? She was looking forward to Christmas. Bastards.

  • She’s still there. But the panels above her head have been turned into windows and it’s only a matter of time before they saw her face off to make a trendy vintage shop.

    I’m planning to climb the London Eye in a Batman costume as a publicity stunt for my new organisation, Sexatronic4justice.

  • You should do that.

    Is there a woman with long brown hair who might fill in for me until I can get there too? I would prefer a Captain America costume but if we’re carrying on with the DC Comics approach I’ll take Wonder Woman.

  • That idea makes my shingles wibble. I’ll get me sewing kit.

    If Kev actually turns up, whom should we let him dress up as?

  • I think just dressing as Smidge Manly would be more up his street.

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