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You see me, right? I’m not very good at keeping up with what is fashionable and popular amongst the general population. I must say, however, I was downright confused when I came across this in Primark:


So, I guess this is a thing. Has everyone else been wearing mens lingerie and they just haven’t told me? Are there underground mens lingerie clubs where people strut around in their hosiery and take photos on selfie sticks? Has my imagination ran away and hid under the stairs because such a thing cannot possibly exist, or has the world lovingly embraced dudes in delicate pants?

Please. Your comments please.

10 comments on “The Edge of Popular Culture

  • You’ve been wearing it since 2009? You’ve got your finger right on the fashions! I’m jel/env.

  • “My finger is welded to the fashions.”

    This is one of my comments of the year. The rest of it can be forgotten. An award will follow in due course.

  • Are you happy if it’s less metally and more cardboard tubey?

  • The main issue I’m facing is that I don’t have a mantelpiece, so to be honest that’s a secondary issue for me right now.

  • But the real question is what’s the tertiary question?

  • Or issue. I want to know what the tertiary issue is.

    (Tertiary Tissue Tis)

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