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  • I know its MY name and therefore AUTOMATICALLY cool, but… There cant be many names less ‘street’ than MC Kevin.

    It sounds much more bedroom MC in dudley than Club DJ in Ibiza. I imagine that if MC Kevin (by some miracle) ever made it big, the first thing the bigwigs at the record company would do is issue him a new name.

  • What new name would you choose, if you had to be issued one? Would you stick with K-Zone, or do you think your association with The Rapples soiled that name forever?

  • Nah, that’s McKevin, the wandering Scotsman who lusts after anything morange.

    Also Kev’s new rap name is Chicken Splatters, possibly with some numbers hiding in the words pretending to be letters.

  • A rap name involving food is exactly what Chef Shizzle would come up with. Stick to the rhymes, is what I say. K-Zone has this covered. Any moment now he’s going to drop his new rap name and it’s going to be so rad.

  • I think his name should symbolise that he’s moving into the next phase of his career and taking his rap up to a new level.

    How about “Kevolution”?

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