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It’s the end of Christmas now, and there’s no more Christmas left to be handed out, so it’s time to count up and see what this year’s season has poured into my jug.


  • Ten socks
  • Brown and yellow checked shirt
  • Mr Bowie t-shirt


  • 500g slab of chocolate
  • bag of hilarious chocolate “sprouts”
  • Box of generic Sainsbury’s assorted chocolates


  • Small saucepan
  • Camembert baking dish
  • Carrot peeler in the shape of a giant pencil sharpener


  • XKCD book
  • Road Signs history book
  • Something regrettable by Su Pollard

A reasonably good haul, all things considered. Well done everyone. Let’s raise a glass to Santa.

11 comments on “Christmas inventory

  • What really stands out for me with this list is that there’s three things in each category. Marvellous.

    Would it rock the boat too much if I sent you another present through the post and broke the system? You’d have four books instead of three. It may be another horse book.

  • I actually got some other presents that are not listed here, so the “groups of three” thing is to do with me being neat and not to do with numbers of presents.

    I am always open to receiving more presents but I will not be adjusting this list to include items received after the time of publication.

  • That’s cheating. It’s like the porridge thing all over again.

  • I got another porridge stamp this morning. I’m only one stamp away from free porridge at the moment. 2015 is looking good.

  • It may be looking good but it isn’t looking acceptable to me. There’s still no evidence of your loyalty to anything other than wasp stings.

  • If your evidence isnt compatible with our faces, perhaps you should present it in a n alternative form. Perhaps interpretive dance or a nice diorama?

  • I have presented my evidence in the form of several clues hidden in secret locations in the Welsh countryside and an elaborate triptych in Durham cathedral. I don’t know how much more compatible I could possibly make my evidence. Perhaps you should try presenting your faces in an alternative form.

  • My award-winning face does not need to be compatible with anything, sunshine. I admire your usage of the word ‘triptych’ but other than that there’s nothing else to admire.

  • I would like to remind you that MY face is also award-winning. I have a certificate on my wall, signed by Jimmy D Titan, to prove that I have a great face.

  • That’s a very good point. That certificate is a testimony to what you have given the world. I was there when it was signed. I think a diorama would be nice. Bamboo nice.

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