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I was going to make a content-free post that would be blatantly and cynically intended just to get me up to four posts for December and win me a coveted bean. But then something happened that was worthy of making a whole post, so actually this will have something in it.

I’ve decided to buy myself a big Lego set as a Christmas present to myself, because I want one, and I’m a grown up so nobody can stop me. I was going to do it on Friday night, but now I have plans on Friday, so I set off to do it after work yesterday instead.

What actually happened was that I got to the Lego store, found the shelf where my Lego set should be, and saw that it was empty. So I asked one of the staff.

While he was explaining to me that it was sold out, and looking up when a new delivery would come in, I felt something odd on my head, and put my hand up to see what was in my hair. It felt like sticking my fingers into a ball of needles. A spiky black thing fell on the floor, crawled away for a bit, and then flew off. “Oh yeah,” said the assistant, “we’ve had wasps in here today”.

Wasps? In the Lego store? In a big shopping mall? In December? Unlikely, yes, but a wasp is what it was. A big bastard of a wasp who tried to sting me several times and did actually get his syringe of doom into my little finger.

So last night I went home, very very late, with no Lego, but with a wasp sting on my finger.

That’ll show me.

14 comments on “The sting

  • Which set were you trying to buy? That’s a very important detail.

  • I don’t know what set he was planning on buying, but I’ll wager it’s not destined to sit sad and lonely in a wardrobe with 15 copies of a game he can’t play!

  • I’m getting the Architecture Studio set because buildings are my specialty.

    When I get it home it’s destined to be opened and gleefully played with straight away.

  • We won’t be happy until your played with all of it. Except maybe the duplicates. Maybe.

  • Do they make a Lego Automobile Studio set so its all about the cars? Because cars are MY speciality.

  • I’ve sold all the duplicates to pay for my sorry ass driving lessons.

    No. There’s nothing like that because it’s not about you. It’s about him and sometimes me.

  • We should make Kev an Automobile Studio. It will just be a large box full of wheels, spoilers and shouters. I’m not sure he needs anything else at all when building things with Lego.

  • I say we just give him a set for a house and he’ll still find some way of turning it into a vehicle.

    No more spoilers for that man.

  • Vehicles are better than buildings. They go zoom (preferably with shouters and many, many spoilers).

  • You’d stick a fridge on wheels and ride it on the A1 if you could get away with it.

  • I wish I had copious shouters, that way it would be much harder for people to ignore me.

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