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A spontaneous or random act of nonsense, that’s what this is.

Whatever I say is clearly not aimed at anyone in particular but there are some important factors that need to be considered such as geography, prior criminal activity, geography and that someone was emailing erroneous and bogus claims to me but a few weeks ago which he still hasn’t apologised for.

It seems as though someone else has been embracing the ideals of Office 2: the return of the killer office and carrying them forward into the 21st century. For those that don’t remember, Office 2 was located on the fourth floor of what is now The Core Shopping Centre in Leeds off the Headrow. It was the singular level next to the lifts that only had a very small space, big enough for two idiots and some food from Greggs. We would hang about and mock the onion hags for coming up to the fourth floor when really they wanted the third for the shops. You could argue, however, that it is the principles of Office 3, AKA locker 29, the locker that I kept putting arbitrary objects into which was located in the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art. I “bought” it for a pound and repeatedly filled it with whatever I felt like because it was mine and the fact that it was all confiscated still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. Mine.

Anyway, it seems as though someone has been keeping a copy of the film ‘Hellraiser’ on VHS perched on the top of a bus stop in South London for almost a decade. I took the following screenshot from Twitter because it spoke to me. This is the kind of ongoing “joke” that people like us have been perpetuating and it should be celebrated in all its glory. I only wish that there was some anonymous PO Box number that I could forward a copy to in case the person or persons carrying this huge task are running low on copies.

Also it’s clearly Chris because he lives in France which is near London.

Thank you! Good night!

10 comments on “Birds of a feather

  • I can neither confirm nor deny that this was me, but I can confirm that I also saw this on Twitter and thought it was very Pouring Beans in its nature.

  • I can’t see that ever happening. I know that ten or fifteen or maybe a hundred years ago, other people used to come here and read our nonsense and post comments, but the idea that those very unlikely days could ever return is a fantasy that doesn’t bear further thought. We’re on our own now.

  • We are, aren’t we? The inevitability of the declining audience. It’s a good job our content is as good as ever. THEY’RE the ones missing out, right? Right…

  • They are. They’re all off watching their Netflixes and their YouTubes and Tikking all those Toks, but they don’t realise that it’s all just a pale shadow of the enjoyment they’d have if they came here to read, I don’t know, whatever the fuck it is we talk about.

  • I don’t really know, if I’m honest. Even though I’m one of the actual participants I only have a fairly loose grasp of what it is we’re talking about. Pity the poor fuckers who come here and read this if they aren’t us.

    Er, but, yeah, further to my point above, that’s exactly what everyone should be doing.

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