12 comments on “Episode 4: King William’s War

  • I haven’t listened to this yet, but of all the lists with four items I have ever read, this is the best list with four items I have ever read.

  • I haven’t read your comment yet, but I will assume it’s saying something disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourself.

  • I haven’t read Billie Piper’s autobiography yet, but I assume that it’s a rip-roaring blast of a book and I will love every minute.

  • I haven’t bothered to watch any of Britain’s Got Talent but I assume Kevin and his choir of lurid psychedelic haricot beans won.

  • I haven’t listened to this since it was originally recorded, but I have now, and it’s still as fresh as ever.

    For the avoidance of doubt, that story about the red onion is true. I really was that stupid.

  • It’s a good job you’re not then, and that I am me, and I am mostly agreeable to remain as me.

  • I heard 51.89% of him voted to leave, but it was only an advisory referendum so he decided not to act on the result.

  • What you heard with your hearing ears is completely true. What he said.

    In the end, none of me left, although some remain decidedly miffed at the result.

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