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I’ve been having a clear out this weekend and I found this 20-year-old NOW album:

Now 1994

Nearly 20 years ago I got it for Christmas, along with an Alba mini hi-fi system that had a tape deck, CD player and AM/FM radio. Those were the days. Here’s a selection of the great hits from this double-tape compilation:

  • Ace of Base – I Saw the Sign
  • Whigfield – Saturday Night
  • Corona – Rhythm of the Night
  • D:Ream – Things Can Only Get Better
  • East 17 – It’s Alright (The Guvnor Mix)
  • Aswad – Shine
  • Reel 2 Real – I Like To Move It
  • Doop – Doop

Unfortunately when I opened the box, tape 2 was missing, so while you can still listen to Come Baby Come by K7 and Swamp Thing by the Grid, everything that was on the second tape – from Searching by China Black to The Perfect Year by Dina Carroll to Return to Innocence by Enigma – is now gone.

But we all know that tape 1 side 1 was always the best part of the album and the rest was mostly tracks you’d skip.

12 comments on “Lost treasures

  • As long as you have Aswad you’ll be fine. I’m not aware of that particular East 17 remix. Is it rare?

  • I can’t remember much about the Guvnor mix. I think it’s similar to the single mix, if it’s not actually just the single mix itself.

    I’ve definitely lost out on treasures like Meet The Flintstones by the B-52s, which almost seems like a blessing.

  • According to the knowledge vault that is wikipedia, the Guvnor Mix is the standard mix and the first track on all formats when it was released in 1993.

    Apparently Kim Wilde did a cover of ‘It’s Alright’ in 2011. Fascinating.

    And for the record, when I’m deliberating in court, ‘Linger’ by the Cranberries is still the best defence you can ever use.

  • It certainly is. When I was on trial for fraud last year the prosecution attempted to use Lovefool by the Cardigans against me, but then my legal team came up with a last minute plan to play Linger by the Cranberries, and I walked free.

  • Totally sealed the deal in a wigwam then. Excellent. You would never have gone to France if that were the case, and this website would be all the worst for it. Come to think of it, the fourth Papples album would never have been recorded either, and Mr Smith wouldn’t have made a triumphant comeback!

    God bless you Cranberries, god bless you.

  • If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have my freedom, your freedom and everybody else’s freedom. Even Gary Wilmot.

  • YOU WERE MEANT TO SAY HOORAY. Now the Cranberries have only had one of their three cheers. They’re going to be well miffed.

  • {delete previous comment}

    INSERT [[maximum Cranberries appreciate code 659 E456]] RUN ++//

    HB:TG:45:Alpha Noface


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