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It’s hard to know what to say, these days, when you talk to people, because nobody has any news. What do you talk about when nobody has anything to talk about? How do you fill a blog post when you haven’t done anything worth remembering?

Luckily for me, I am now quite old, so what I’ve decided to do is go back and see what past Chris was doing on this day years ago.

One year ago today

A year ago today saw 2019 Chris buying a luxurious double airbed in preparation for Ian’s visit, and then testing it out. A few days later Ian himself turned up for the hugely important Tenniversary celebrations.

Two years ago today

2018 Chris was on holiday in France, and on 31 May I was poking around an abandoned German bunker at Longues-sur-Mer on the Normandy coast, which came complete with a rusty gun.

Three years ago today

Having had to cancel a holiday, and finding himself on his own with time to kill, 2017 Chris was staying in Leeds. The day before he’d been building the world’s largest item of furniture with Kev, but three years ago today he took the train to Saltaire and then rode his bike back to Leeds along the canal.

Four years ago today nothing much of interest was happening.

Five years ago today

2015 Chris wasn’t on holiday, but he was just back from France, and his family – who had stayed at his flat on their way back to Leeds – had left some belongings behind. He turned them into an only very lightly humorous blog post.

Six years ago today I went to see a screening of Labyrinth in a park, but I didn’t take any pictures of it.

Seven years ago, the end of May contained nothing of interest.

Eight years ago today

Rather than selfishly going on holiday to France again and again, 2012 Chris was preparing for the high spirits and boundless positivity that would be the hallmarks of the Limpety Pinpicks with a show of generosity to his colleagues. He had just made them all some flapjacks, and then weirdly cut them into long fingers.

Nine years ago nothing happened.

Ten years ago today

A decade ago, 2010 Chris happened to be in North Wales for the day, and called in to a chip shop in Llandudno for an unseasonally stodgy lunch. The chips were excellent.

Eleven years ago today, 2009 Chris was a fool who took no photographs.

Twelve years ago today

2008 Chris found himself on a work awayday at Kew Gardens – the sort of awayday it would be unthinkable for his employer to pay for these days – where some art exhibit or other meant there were headphones hanging from the trees.

Before 2008, I didn’t have an iPhone, so I don’t know what I was doing.

The end.

14 comments on “Old news

  • What a lovely little trip through your ‘end of mays’.

    Can you do this every day now, until you reach the point that all your updates are about updating PB with posts about what you did x years ago.

  • What a boring post. I’ve never wanted to know anything about Chris so this was way over the line.

    Also, is Chris being constantly tracked by Apple? This is most disconcerting news.

  • Thanks for your mixed reviews of this post. I will not be doing this every day, but I refuse to rule out the possibility that I will do it again next time I find myself at the end of the month without enough posts.

  • (Where’s that damn story about his bloody foot stool he spent 800 years looking for when you need it?)

    Yeah, mate, great all round, mate. Keep up the good work, mate.

  • That’s a great shout, mate. Thanks for that. I can definitely do a post reminiscing about the time I wrote a post about the footstool. I’ll pencil it in for late this month.

  • (I don’t think you misread it. I think you wilfully skimmed over it instead of giving it your full and undivided concentration. When I read comments I always do that, and then I close my eyes and meditate for a few minutes on the deeper meaning of what I’ve just read.)

  • It’s not, no. If you carry on up the corridor that’s the next door on the left. The one that smells unacceptably sweaty.

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