15 comments on “Painted Cats

  • I am MOSTLY disappointed with the human race but… that Pikachu kitty looks amazing.

  • I am LARGELY disappointed with the cats for not scratching out the eyes of whoever did this to them. If they won’t defend themselves then they have to expect this sort of nonsense.

  • … especially the one with what looks like a clown on his ass. That’s just humiliating.

  • From trying to get a cat to sit still long enough to be flead or wormed, I can only assume that these cats were drugged long enough to do the painting.

  • Where do you find such marvellous medicine? Do think they were hunted with tranquiliser darts? I don’t suppose these are all photos from your own personal portfolio?

  • The guy used to groom poodles. Let’s face it, this has all the hallmarks of a former poodle groomer who’s looking for a challenge.

  • You think he’s ready to step back into the grooming ring? He hasn’t picked up a pair of scissors for at least four years. I’m not sure the old timer can mack it.

  • Lets just clear up now, that this is not my handy work.

    I did once try to groom a cat, but it scratched me and made me cry.

  • Now when you say groom do you mean the atypical cleaning meaning or do you mean the other dirty meaning?

  • Cleaning meaning. Cleaning meaning. Has a nice ring to it.

  • But do you like saying, “cleaning meaning” as much as I do? It’s as catchy and addictive as the theme tune to ‘Patlabor’.

  • I do. I find it most amusing. I have no idea what your pet labrador has to do with anything though?

  • It always comes down to dogs with you, doesn’t it? Once a groomer always a groomer.

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