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I was all set. All on track to get my full bean on the Bean Counter for May. Three in the bag, one post still to make on the 31st to bring me up to the requisite number. Had my topic lined up and everything.

All on track, that is, until I got a text to say that there was a free screening of Labyrinth, the David Bowie goblin king spectacular, in a park near me and did I want to go? Well of course I wanted to go, and go I did, forgetting all about my post and my perilously low post count for May.

I’m not telling you I didn’t enjoy Labyrinth. I did. I enjoyed every moment of it. I cheered along with the crowd whenever Bowie’s leggings were on screen (seriously, he might as well be naked from the waist down) and waved my arms in the air through the voodoo song. I shouted “double yellow lorry” at an appropriate moment. It was great. I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy it at all.

I’m just saying that waking up this morning and realising that another pea would be permanently added to my record on the Beans has soured it for me, just a little bit. That’s all.

10 comments on “Missing a Bean

  • I was convinced this Kev’s triumphant return to the beans but I was wrong. That said if he did come back what would we complain about? There’s the book I suppose. Tough times about the counter, old bean. You’ll nail that sucker in June.

  • Thanks. I think I will too. I’ve got in nice and early at the start of the month so I’m on the right track.

    Personally I don’t think we’ll ever see Kev on here again.

  • Do you hold David Bowie personally responsible? You can’t blame the lovely Jennifer Connolly, there’s a law against it. The same goes for Phoebe Cates.

    Kev will come back when he is ready. Clearly his pipes needed a new roof and he’s busy sorting that out. You know, common house problems.

  • No, I don’t hold it against any of the cast of Labyrinth. I thank them for bringing me such goblin-based joy. They are innocent in this débacle.

    I think Kev’s hearth needed rendering and he had some more guttering to clean around his larder so he’s had a lot on.

  • Kev is still here you pair of bastards.

    I was going to write something semi-sympathetic about your pea total being lower than mine, but you know what… bugger it, I’m off to grout my kitchen cupboards and paint the cat.

  • Kev? Semi-sympathetic? About peas? Never has a more ridiculous sentence ever appeared in the English language.

    Soffits need lagging… WA-HEY! (what?)

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