User avatarPirate alert

He’s going to shiver your timbers
He’s likely to buckle your swash
His pieces of eight count big numbers
His galleon’s full of his dosh

A roistering-doistering fighter
His enemies all have been sank
He’ll make your pockets feel lighter
Just before you walk the plank

It’s not like he wants to be Bluebeard
It’s a lifestyle that he just got trapped in
His parrot got fed up, his crew’s weird
He’s Ian the daft Pirate Captain

5 comments to Pirate alert

  • What I like about this is that it’s entirely about me, and there’s not enough me on this website anymore. Can we up the ‘me’ please?

  • More you? MORE you? You’ve already had a pirate poem and a stack of book covers this month. I feel like I’ve thought about nobody else since September. I think you need to check your chude.

  • Is is wrong to want more? Is it bad to expect more?

    No wait, we’ve already done this bit. It’s a bit Pete Too Soon for anymore Moore, whether by Patrick, Roger or any others.

    Still, there’s no harm in having my viso/volto plastered over the website. I am, after all, the poster child for Pouring Beans.

  • Are you? That might be why nobody visits apart from us. We should have a nicer looking poster child. What about Sarah? If it was Sarah on the posters, people might think this was a respectable website run by normal people.

  • I don’t think Sarah would agree to put her face to this nonsense. Especially as she doesn’t really ‘do’ the internet. She doesn’t have a facebook, twitter, myspace or even a geocities account.

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