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“… and we’re back, back for another hour or so of the best boot-y-licious tunes you’ve heard since yesterday. Shoe FM is here for you and yours, and maybe even your neighbour too. Crank up that dial for the best in shoe and shoe-related music all day, every day.

As ever I am your host, coast to coast, Jazz Bungleton, ready and willing to satisfy your need for tweed. After all those flip-head bangers this morning I think it’s time we slowed down and indulged a little. There’s no need for the pace to fully drop though, we’ve gotta keep pushing through to the afternoon; that’s when things get shoe-per good.

This is your friendly reminder to check out our most recent podcast where martial arts actor Robin Shou picks out his top five desert island shoes. Even I was surprised with what was at number one and I can guarantee that shoe will be too.

Get cosy with your loved ones because we’re schmoozing out of the gate with a double bill of ‘All I Want is Shoe’ then ‘With or Without Shoe’ both by U2. Whilst I’ve got you in a vulnerable position take a little bit of ‘Shoe Got It’ by Roy Orbison with a pinch of ‘Miss Shoe’ by the Rolling Stones. Then as we’re approaching the hour it’s time to hold onto your brown brogues because Bryan Adams is going to ‘Run to Shoe’ before Bon Jovi needs to tell you that ‘Shoe Give Love a Bad Name’.

Edge of the seat stuff I can tell you.

If you want to be in with a chance to win a year’s supply of shoe polish courtesy of our superb sponsors, Kiwi, the world’s number one, then you need to call or email the station with the answer to this question: “who was trying to dress shoe up back in 1984?” Only by getting the answer right can you potentially qualify for our game ‘Shoe Do You Think You Are?’. Call or email now.

Sandra Qwango has a fresh platter of news laid out towards one o’clock, Bernie Boxfresh is here after two o’clock but to perk up your buns before they can get comfy George Harrison has a confession to make because he’s got his mind set on shoe. Take it away, George…”

11 comments on “Shoe FM – the return

  • Do you take requests?

    I’d like to hear These Boots Were Made for Walking, and I’d like to dedicate it to my sole mate.

  • My shoe is always on the other foot, because I took the precaution of buying two shoes. Even when the shoe is on this foot, I also have another shoe on the other foot. Genius.

  • Do you think it would be too radical a concept to start wearing two vastly different shoes at the same time? You’ve got lots of shoes now, have you ever wanted to steal Kate’s shoes and shoe it up a bit more than usual?

    Shoo-sual? Yeah that works.

  • I do think it would be too radical, yes. You should know by now that my main defence against being recognised in public is to dress in very a very ordinary, neutral way so that I can pass undetected in large crowds. Wearing two different shoes would blow my cover.

  • If I’m wearing a brown brogue (brown brogue) on one foot then I will be wearing the matching brown brogue (brown brogue) on the other foot. Absolute unremarkable plainness is the key to staying under cover. My ice pickles remain unshifted.

  • I’m definitely a trend setter, just not in the arena of brown brogues (brown brogues). In other ways, though, I’m so far ahead of the curve that you can’t see me because it’s a curve and I’m further round it than you are, so you’d need a mirror or something.

  • Trigonometry. That’s all the evidence I need. That, and the fact that you can’t see me, which I mentioned in my last post and which is still true. Proof if proof be need be.

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