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It’s been a long day. Would you like a little sit down? Of course you would.

Lucky for you, while walking around at work, I’ve found a wide range of places to sit, offering delightful opportunities to rest in relaxing surroundings.

Where would you like to be seated?

18 comments on “Take a seat

  • I am completely torn between the wasted opportunity and the desolate panorama. They are both so enticingly beautiful.

    I can also see myself being sat on either when being shown around the BBC.

  • My choice would be the cable supervisor. They’re all terrible so I might as well sit in the one with the comfiest looking seat.

    If anyone claims to be showing you around, and then seats you in one of these, chances are you’re actually being left for dead.

  • Yes, they’re all at work. So many dreadful, depressing places to sit in one convenient building.

  • Whist my person preference would be to take a session in “the wasted opportunity” my first thought was “why do you have so many chairs in your server rooms?”.

    I think I need to get out more (at all).

  • I don’t know why there are so many chairs in the server rooms. All I know is there aren’t nearly enough footstoools to go around. I’m doing what I can.

  • He’s gone so mad from trying to find a foot stool he now can’t say the word without sounding crazy, or even typing the word, because it comes out with an extra ‘o’.

    He’s cracker jack mad crack whack I tell you.

  • You did say the word fallacies, but I wonder if you meant it? I think you meant to write follicles.

  • I don’t remember that word being in that song, so I declare your fallacy story to be, itself, a fallacy.


  • I remember that song/word combo… it popped right out of my mind cubicle when I read what Ian did write about it just up there. So I think it is fair to say that it’s not a fallacy and it is a fact-acy.

  • I think what we can all take away from this is that we are all unique and special in our own individual ways, and nobody is wrong, we’re just all different. Perhaps this is a good time for a group hug.

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