Avatar The Doctor will see you now

What do you mean you didn’t know I was a doctor?

What do you mean you didn’t know I spent seven years plus training? Do you mean all those times I was prescribing medication you weren’t paying attention?

Are you saying that every single time I swore the Hippocratic oath you didn’t listen? Every time I tore off someone’s leg and saved their life you didn’t notice?

Do you people even know anything about me?

8 comments on “The Doctor will see you now

  • I like that Swimming Casual is £3. That sounds like a good deal. Presumably Swimming Formal involves eveningwear and is very expensive.

  • You’d better not be breaking into any sort of effort or rhythm in a casual swim, you’ll be prosecuted for less.

  • Do you really only get 60 minutes? Do they time you? I haven’t been swimming in years and I don’t remember it being this rigidly defined. You just went for a swim, with a key on a rubber band round your wrist, and then afterwards you had some crisps in a bar that hadn’t been redecorated since 1974.

  • Sorry Grandad, things have changed since you last went for a swim. Now soldiers patrol the outskirts of the pool and if you still one second longer than you’re permitted they pezzle you with VHS tapes.

  • But I’m not due a pezzling! I haven’t swum in years, let alone overstayed my strict 60 minute casual swimming contract.

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