Avatar The first horror of Christmas

Every year the supermarkets try to outdo each other with horrific Christmas-flavour snacks and party food. You can tell that none of it is a good idea because none of it comes back for a second year. Anyway, this is just to warn you that Tesco have taken an early lead in the horrible Christmas snack mash-up stakes.

Tesco Pigs in Blankets Flavour Coated Peanuts

8 comments on “The first horror of Christmas

  • As well as identifying you as a criminal, something we can all agree is very useful, your name also doubles as a seasonal alternative to Christopher. I have noticed this. Look at me.

    Also, nobody wants nuts and pork. Absolutely nobody.

  • No. Especially when it’s a pigs in blankets flavour coating. Just the word “flavour” or “coating” would be enough to tell you this is manky, but both together is real red flag.

  • The fact that it also has to stipulate what a pig in a blanket flavour is further down the label is incredible. How stupid do they think we are? Enough to buy their product?

    No, Nanette, No.

  • It’s a big hey nonny no nay nen from me too. I’ll have my pigs in blankets real or not at all. That is a cast iron policy that I have insisted HR place on my permanent file at work.

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