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Having recently been tasked with trying to find more photos for the upcoming 2024 Pouring Beans calendar, I was looking through the various photos on my phone in the hopes of locating the ones of the boxes I used to keep in the corner of my bedroom that were riddled with various quips, zingers and bizarre things written down during phone calls from over a decade ago. Needless to say, the search is currently ongoing (although the boxes may be hiding in the one cupboard in my flat).

As I flicked through the many, many pictures in my possession I came across a series involving a tiny toy guinea pig. These clearly were taken by one or all three of my nieces and transferred via the usual means of Whatsapp. I definitely do not own a tiny guinea pig and did not spend time putting them in hilarious places so that I could take photographs to mark the occasion. We’ve all met me, right? It is the kind of thing I could potentially do, I’ll admit, however this time I am not the culprit.

Given that everyone absolutely loves the PicCollages that I make, I have decided to make a PicCollage to collect the best of the six in my camera reel. Suck deep and bathe, my friends.

7 comments on “Tiny pig

  • I find this tiny guinea pig scenario very appealing. Does it still exist? Can it be taken wherever you go and photographed in more thrilling situations?

  • It may still be hiding somewhere in the gargantuan pile of crap that is my brother’s house. It would be a shame if the pig was lost. I’d like to think it was lying on a beach somewhere or possibly swimming in a regular sized martini glass and living its best life.

  • I find it misleading that you keep referring to it as a pig. It’s a guinea pig. That’s different. Your sloppy animal categorisation has not gone unnoticed.

  • A guinea pig is a g-pig. You can shorten it even more. To what? PIG. See, all of it makes sense.

    It’s similar to a hedgehog. A hedgehog is a hedge-pig. If you’re feeling crazy you can call it a h-pig.

  • Presumably you can also shorten h-pig even more, to just “pig”. It’s starting to sound like you refer to all animals as “pig”.

  • Let’s not go crazy, sonny Jim. Not everything is a pig but every animal has the potential to be a pig.

    If you’re interested I could get you into the 2024 Pig Awards.

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