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How do you store your weapons?

Do you keep them in a cupboard? Do you show them off in a stunning display in the nook at the top of the stairs? Are they lightly nailed to the wooden beam across the dining room ceiling?

A charity shop near where my mum lives likes to keep them in a wooden cot or a crib (I’m not entirely sure which one it is) because that’s how they roll. There’s no room for a baby in there, only tools of war.

The next time you’re trying to make your friends jealous with the chainsaw you just bought, why not take a leaf out of their book? There’s nothing more eye-catching than a cot full of weapons.

Soon everyone will be doing it. Make sure you get there first.

5 comments to WEAPONS!

  • I thought I was so avant garde. Now I find that everyone’s doing it. When I get home that manger full of machetes is going straight in the bin.

  • Ian "Mac Mac Mac Mac" McIver

    You were so ahead of the fashions though, you’ve never been that prepared. Why not try again? Put some Mars Bars in a fish tank?

  • It’s too late for that, I’m already committed to a new project where I’m steadily filling an inflatable paddling pool with javelins.

  • Ian "Mac Mac Mac Mac" McIver

    That is gonna work SO well. I would love to know where you get your ideas from. I’m already concocting a meme based around this very premise.

  • I get my ideas from a hole in the pavement just outside my flat that steams gently in cold weather.

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