11 comments on “ABOFB 31: Pet Peeves

  • Having now listened to this I can report that it’s enormously enjoyable, and that all the things mentioned do now annoy me. Phil’s phone cord antics are still a problem.

  • Is that what you do now when someone calls you and gives you one of those unanswered questions that you hate, or… ?

  • That’s basically what I do. I’ve literally no time for people who don’t know how to finish a sentence. It’s essentially how I get through a normal working day except when I’m phoning up people telling them their flags are upside-down (when really they’re not).

  • Stupid people with stupid flags and stupid cast iron letters and stupid tangled phone cords. You’re doing god’s own work by calling them up and telling them they’re wrong. While you’re on the line maybe you could also mention that I think they’re a bunch of dicks.

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